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Getting ready for an upcoming move is rarely fun. You are trying to keep everything organized and not to forget a single thing because that can lead to the moving day from hell. And that is something we are trying to avoid at any cost. But, we are here with a new way that will help you not only to prepare for your upcoming move but to understand your local movers better. We are going to show all of the most important things that you should know about your upcoming move listed alphabetically. Are you ready to start? Let’s go! We promise you will have fun along the way. 

A. Apartment Moving

Apartment moving is different than a house move, and you will need to prepare for it and check things with your building management. The main difference is that you will need more planning and organizing for apartment moving than for any other type of relocation. in

B. Budget movers

It doesn’t matter what your moving budget is, there are many budget movers that you can hire and stay within the price that you have set for the move. When you are searching for less expensive furniture movers you might need to invest a bit more time to find local movers that will fit your moving budget. 

C. Commercial moving


Professional movers can help you with business moving as well. The procedure is a bit different than moving home, but your team will guide you through the whole process and they will make sure that your business is in safe hands. Commercial moving is a bit more complex, so you should always let professionals take care of it. 

D. Dollies for heavy items

If you have some heavy items that cannot be handled by local movers only, your team might be able to bring dollies that will keep your items safe no matter the weight. Of course, that weight should still be within the limits that your professional movers have.

e. Equipment for moving

See with your local movers if they are going to bring all the equipment needed for the upcoming move or if you should do it on your own. A standard service should include tools for disassembly and reassembly, wrapping materials, wardrobe boxes, and so on. 

F. Flat charges or hourly rates

There are different ways of charges that local movers can have. Most of the local movers are charging hourly rates, but you shouldn’t be surprised if some companies are offering flat charges. 

g. Guaranteed price

budgeting, moving price

Check if the price that your local movers have provided you with is guaranteed. If not, that means that they can change the price anywhere in the middle of the moving process, which you want to avoid. 

h. Hidden or additional charges

Before you book your local movers, you should check if there are some hidden or additional charges that your team didn’t mention. Furniture movers have the right to add any fees they want, but they should be transparent about those. The worst thing that can happen to you is to learn on a moving day that you have to pay something extra. 

i. Insured and licensed local movers

You should never risk with professional movers that are not licensed because if something goes wrong you won’t have any protection, you will be left to the will of your local movers. Having licensed local movers will also save you some money because you won’t have to buy additional insurance. After all, your team will have one included in the price. Feeling safe during the move is the best thing you can do for yourself, so don’t skip doing research and hiring local movers who are licensed. 

j. Jeopardizing your items

This is something that your professional movers will try to avoid at any cost. And that is something that you are hoping to have too. 

k. Kind customer support

Two Movers With Box On Staircase

This is not a crucial thing that will help you determine if you should hire professional movers or not, but we guess you prefer to have kind customer support that will do its best to help you with any request, question, or concern that you might have. Also, they will be the first point of contact with local movers, and if they are nice, there is a big chance that the whole experience will be pleasant. 

L. Labor moving

Don’t think that labor moving is too small of a moving project for local movers because they can help you even when you are moving one item only. Having professional movers will save you from many injuries and damages that might happen when someone who is not experienced is handling heavy furniture. Being safe should be your number one priority and hiring local movers is not even expensive, so there is no reason not to treat yourself to this service. 

m. Minimum hours

Whenever your local movers are charging hourly rates there are minimum hours they are obligated to charge. This might vary from three to four, but no matter what the case with your local movers is, you should be aware of this before you book your services. Usually, after the minimum hours expire, the price is the same but prorated into 15 minutes or 30 minutes increments. 

n. Narrow streets

Always let your local movers know if there are some narrow streets along the way because this will help them prepare for the upcoming move. Maybe your professional movers will need to come with a smaller moving truck or something like that. You should know that the clients are obligated to provide their team of local movers with a parking spot, so either block one with your car or apply for a parking permit. You will have to wait on it for a few days, so try to plan it ahead of time. 

Moving Truck in San Francisco

o. Organization and planning

If you want to have a successful moving service, you will have to be organized and plan every single detail related to your move. Make sure to think of every detail related to the services and prices that you will have. The best thing you can do for yourself is to keep a notebook dedicated to your upcoming move so you can keep a track of everything that you have to do or that is already done. Don’t forget to keep all the documents and paperwork you receive from your local movers, to be sure that everything is as agreed. 

p. Packers and movers

Do you know you can hire professional movers to help you with packing as well? Well, it is one of the best services you can get considering that you won’t have to spend a lot of time and energy on this task, but you can simply have a team of professionals handling it for you. Local movers are trained for everything that is considered as a moving task, packing included. 

q. quote

movers moving

Getting a quote from local movers should be as simple as making a phone call to the company and learning more about their services. Some local moving companies might even offer online quote inquires. The whole process should be simple and you should take this opportunity to learn more about your potential local movers and the services they are offering. Before you call your professional movers, make sure to come up with a list of questions for them, that will make the whole process of getting a quote much easier. 

r. Requirements that your building might have

Whenever you are moving from an office building or an apartment building, you might need to check with your building management if they have some requirements on their behalf. These might be different, from asking your local movers to provide them with a certificate of insurance, reserving the elevator, or even they might ask you to move in or out at a certain period of the day. Buildings might be so strict they won’t let you move in or move out without everything they have been asking for. 

s. Storage relocations

Sometimes, moving is not as simple as moving from one home to another one. In situations like these, you will have to use a storage unit. When it comes to this moving project, you can always check with your local movers if they have a unit to offer. If not, your professional movers can always help you move into (or out) one. Make sure to follow some simple steps that will help you find a perfect storage unit, such as checking the conditions inside, making sure it is close to your home, that is clean, etc. You want your items to be safe and sound no matter where they are. 

t. Trusted and trained local movers

When hiring local movers, you want to know they are trusted and background checked, so make sure to ask your chosen local moving company if they are doing these. Also, you don’t want to let just anyone in your home, so you want to have a tested crew of local movers. Nowadays, many moving companies are offering training to their employees, so no matter the moving crew you get – the level of service will be the same. 

u. Unpacking

Young couple unpacking cardboard boxes at new home.Moving house.

Unpacking is the only task where your professional movers cannot help you out with, so you will have to set a deadline for yourself so you can be unpacked as soon as possible instead of living surrounded by a bunch of boxes. Searching for your belongings by unpacking a bunch of boxes doesn’t sound like fun.

v. Vast experience

Professional movers will always want to provide you with a stress-free moving experience to remember. Just imagine, they are getting the chance to participate in one of the most important events of your life. That is why you want to have the best local movers that you can find. So make sure to follow the steps that we have recommended. 

w. Weight limits

Local movers have their weight limits when it comes to particular items, so if you have something such as grand piano, pool table, or a huge safe – you might want to mention it to your professional movers. This way they will let you know if they can move it at all. Professional movers will always decline some items if they are not 100% sure they can move them safely, and you should always respect it. 

x. X-perienced movers

When you are hiring local movers, you want them to be experienced. Thine more your local movers are in business, the safer you will be during the move. Make sure to ask your professional movers how long they are in business, to make sure that you are letting someone experienced to handle your belongings. 

y. yelp

Moving boxes woman using phone panoramic for move to college leaving apartment ready for movers pick-up with packages of cardboard box for new home move in. Banner.

Before you schedule any local movers, you should always check their online reviews. A yelp is a perfect place for it, but don’t rely just on one website, but check Google’s reviews as well. A good background check of your professional movers will make the whole process simple and smooth. Having reliable furniture movers is the key to a successful relocation. 

z. zillow

If you are looking for a website where you can sell, buy, or rent properties – Zillow is the right address for you. No matter what you are looking for, you will find it here. You should do an investigation on this website before hiring local movers. 

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